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Unquiet centre

not the absence of sound but
footprints on the ceiling and
the waltz of a three-legged cat Continue reading

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Marking time

The action of turning the calendar page is a challenge to understand how each day anchors us in that moment between the gravity of time and the weightlessness of eternity. Continue reading

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Brooding over the nascent creation; the divine nesting instinct restrained, barely distressing the surface, featherlight, lest its exquisite potential be crushed by the weight of glory.

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He was silent for the longest time (it felt like an eternity), brooding over the dark waters as though through glass, strangely untouched by the storm, unmoved by the violence of the deep as it wrestled life to the surface, … Continue reading

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St Michael and All Angels

They were not created on the first day. They are not light, nor dark; they live in bright shadows in between. They do not rise nor set; they were not created on the fourth day. They are not reputed to … Continue reading

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Creation, stillborn

Broken waters heave; Spirit gasps, shrinks, shocked breathless, breeching the shore, still.

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On the other side of nothing, the waters of the dark womb rage and writhe, resisting God, labouring the eternal void. On the other side of nothing, over the pitched waters, the breath of God hesistates; surfing the storm, hopeful … Continue reading

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Year C Easter 5: What God has made

Last Monday, in case you missed it, was Earth Day; so it’s great and wonderful that our garden project is getting underway, taking advantage of the bounty of creation that God gave into our hands. According to the stories of … Continue reading

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