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A man whose last name we didn’t know, whom we had met last night, pointed out a narrowing canyon and said, “Walk that way. I’ll meet you on the other side.” Continue reading

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Dead Sea Prayer

Floating in brine designed not for propagating but for pickling; Suspended between peace and petrification, love and devotion. When will your waters break afresh, bringing a new creation to its first astonished breath?

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Fear of God

I am a professional at proclaiming the promises of God. I make excuses not to put God to the test. Continue reading

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Hospitality – 2: guest vs host

This week, I read in the blog of a friend, who’s spending his sabbatical in the Holy Land during the holy month of Ramadan, the following nugget:  An-Najah is a half-mile walk past Rafidia, so after church I had a nice … Continue reading

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