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The crack of the communion host like a whip, like bone, like the click of handcuffs; how far we have roamed from the upper room: warm bread softly torn, love-fuelled bodies, blood fired by passion’s wine. You come to us … Continue reading

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One/three/seven billion

It matters that we know a God who will not allow for isolation, or desolation, who does not disown God’s children, but who sets out time and again, through the prophets, through the wilderness, through the sacraments, through the Spirit to remind us that we are not only created in God’s image, but that God has committed Godself to us, irrevocably, unbreakably. Continue reading

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Christ, have mercy, we expostulate once more. Continue reading

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The prayer bear

God as the she-bear protecting her cubs kept coming back around to haunt us. Continue reading

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The prayer of a lost Leviathan

My Creator, when you made sea monsters for sport, why would you not make me buoyant, flattening the waves, smoothing surfaces, resting zen-like on the moon’s reflection, bathed beautiful by her silver light; why not fiercely playful, breaking unexpectedly, tossing … Continue reading

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Silent prayer

Eyelids lowered, immersed in unstillness and disquiet; the tumble dryer tumbles, the dishwasher sloshes, the circuits in my head hum in ecstatic, rhythmic union with the beverage fridge. Beyond the glass, fighting rip tides on the wind, a frantic bird … Continue reading

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Inhabiting Thomas

Because you came back for Thomas I hope you may come back for me. Because you breathed peace upon Thomas I wonder if there is a peace for me. Because you let Thomas touch you I believe I will hold … Continue reading

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