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Little lower

God forbid that I should meetan angel face to face: the many eyeswould terrify, the beating wingsmight stop my heart; how wouldI hear their, “Do not fear,”let alone what may follow? Send me instead the dragonfly, fiercebut fragile, anointing the … Continue reading

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But who do you say that I am?

This poem was first published at the Episcopal Cafe When Christ confronted the demons, they cried outin loud voices and with forked tongues,“We know who you are, Holy One, Son of God,hope of the nations and light of the world!”And … Continue reading

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Prayer for a day when there are no words

I do not have words to imagine the prayers of the falling.It feels ironic to light a candlewhen fires burn freely and fast;to kneel as though the earth might otherwiseflee from beneath me.Breathing has becomean act of defiance. Baptism threatens to flood … Continue reading

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Anniversaries are strange; the passage of time feels almost arbitrary. Ten years pass in a heartbeat, while an hour drags on for days. The anniversary of joy is marred by bad temper, while grief sneaks up on the calendar secretly, … Continue reading

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A haiku on Psalm 30:5

Following tracks of rain down to the lake for joy that comes by morning

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A prayer for the earthbound

As deeply as he descended among the dead, plumbing Hell and Hades,the limits of human horror too easily imaginedby the earthbound; so far he invites us to soar beyond our petty promises of punishment and death, to life beyond the … Continue reading

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Prayer for an end to mass shootings

My God,can we not go one week,sabbath to sabbath,without a mass shooting? Will you not beatour pistols into ploughshares,our shotguns into shovels,our rifles into rakes,massage some feeling intoour hearts of stone? I sigh, open my eyes;the mirror stares back in … Continue reading

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Sore wounded

First purple, then green new leaves unfurl as though winter had never been; veined and vain, they bear no marks of last year’s deer, no signs of decay. This is not the resurrection of the dead; this is a conjuring … Continue reading

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Call to prayer

It was only a minute and a half into that Palm Sunday service that I heard it for the first time: a single, swift, unmistakably electronic “beep”. Continue reading

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The midwives

Afterwards, whenthey found you again,did they use their ointments, spices, clothto bandage your wounds? Hairline scratches from the halo of thorns; how did you bear the grass beneath your feet? Midwives of the body,did they wipe your hands with aloe,wash … Continue reading

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