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I like to hang around the fountains, water coolers of the city, where traffic intersects, dropping crumbs of cake and gossip, lies and lives. Few notice me, but in the moment that it takes their breath to fall I have named … Continue reading

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The Baptism of Our Lord

Today’s sermon began with yesterday’s story about Noah’s dove… Is this what Jesus meant, when he told his cousin John that he must be baptized to fulfill all righteousness: that he would have to go back to the beginning, when … Continue reading

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The dove

Back in the days of Noah, the heavens were opened and it rained for forty days and nights, and there was a flood. As you may remember, Noah and his family survived the deluge aboard an ark, onto which they … Continue reading

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An untitled, unfinished poem for Transfiguration Sunday

One on the plain, with water and a dove falling from the mouth of God, feathers chalking words onto the sky, its beak a piercing kiss; one on the mountaintop between the cairns, with fiery Spirit, lightning bright and thundering love, hailing acclamation … Continue reading

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