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Book Review: One Breath at a Time, by J. Dana Trent

Dana Trent is a genuine fellow traveler … This is meditation for real life. Continue reading

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The widow’s might

what if the widow’s mite was hope, and she spent all she had to live on

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Olive branches over ordnance

The olive trees, ancient and observant, hearing the blood that cries out from the land, whisper that the answer to Cain’s crime cannot be to take the hoe from his hand and hand him an AR-15. Continue reading

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What will we do?

We participate in one another’s futures. So we will offer our presence, our presence of mind, our best efforts to love one another in word, in deed, by statute. Continue reading

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Why wait for inspiration when before the breath that catches on creation, shucks life into eternity, expires before the face of God aspired the Spirit had already taken wing, hefting feathers into flight, breaching the horizon of the first Word, advent of the … Continue reading

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We talked about this

Shackled to the shadows of a brutalist building, words barely grazing our lips, we talked about this. Our breath stirred the air, that sabbath exhalation at the end of creation; the wordless sigh of God.

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Why I take pictures of cats

Above the Monastery in Petra, signs direct visitors to some of the very Best Views.
We scrambled towards the Best View in the World.
It was a very good view. There was also, of course, a small cat. Continue reading

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