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codified, commodified,  corralled in free fall; if no one will  stretch out her arms to pluck you from the unsolid state, unsuspended, groundless, unfounded, such weightlessness, spooling out forever

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Praying with icons

I light a candle. I find it hard to meet your painted eyes. I say, “I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry.” Looking down from your cross, unfocused, you say, “I forgive you.” But, “You have to say that; you’re Jesus,” I … Continue reading

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This morning’s prayer is for those carrying their grief under their skin, pricked by memories. Continue reading

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Spirit and flesh

Such contortions of the flesh, bearing down in humility before the Spirit, pregnant with the weight of glory, groaning as a child sighs in the dark, sideways, furled in on itself, dreaming the impossible

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Poised on the deck, line in hand, she casts her bread upon the waters and waits. Under the bridge, birds echo and argue. The river runs fast, but time has slowed down, still water running deep. I match my morning … Continue reading

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Clouded out

I traded in my impression of an independent woman riding the waves. Continue reading

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Sunday at Collegeville

Sunday morning, starting slowly; Abbey bells blocked by insomniac dreams. After three days of rising – psalms at dawn in the abbey church- this morning is for the tomb,  wrapped in winding sheets, the womb of sleep. But the breath … Continue reading

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