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We came here after Columbine

Let’s paint them
red, white, and blue
have some clergyman
compose a pledge
teach our children to recite it
hand on heart Continue reading

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Do not give your heart to the ashes

The landscape within which we live is littered with sin, from the scars we inflict upon the earth on up through the twisted veins of hearts that would burn down a church built in the image of God’s mercy. And it is impossible to stand here in an attitude of repentance tonight without acknowledging the complicity of our common life in the deaths of 17 students, children, at a high school in Florida this afternoon. Our participation in systems of sin, as its priests and as its victims, is as inevitable as the ice of winter. Continue reading

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The Feast of the Presentation

Simeon has been dismissed. Anna shed her widow’s weeds, went dancing with the turtle doves, snowing feathers; all that remains is dust and the rubble of a memory, the echo of a prayer, and a child, caught by his woven … Continue reading

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Holy innocents

Their wisdom was not wanted by the powers that be, in case it would unseat their certainty of their own anointed state. Warned in a dream, they went home another way, pursued by rumours of mothers kneeling in the ashes of … Continue reading

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Consider hibernation

a sabbatical of sorts… Continue reading

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Wordless came the Word of God; not silent, as the night revolved around him snuffling, yawning, suckling, sighing, crying out the love of God, wordless, gazing into the eternity between one body and the next.

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Psalm for a commute

My God, my God, the traffic is backed up and there is no exit in sight. I am hemmed in all around by hostility; horns sound their derision and air brakes vent their anger. Evil eyes blink yellow and red: … Continue reading

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