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A man whose last name we didn’t know, whom we had met last night, pointed out a narrowing canyon and said, “Walk that way. I’ll meet you on the other side.” Continue reading

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Morning prayer

A rabbit, startled by the
gas-powered scythe scuttered,
white tail exposed,
exiting garden right. Continue reading

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Conjuring Esther

Esther has become difficult to read. Her story makes me angry and afraid. We read it like a fairytale. But like so many fairytales, it teems with themes of horror dressed up in satin and silk. Continue reading

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Fear of God

I am a professional at proclaiming the promises of God. I make excuses not to put God to the test. Continue reading

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Bread of life

I knew, in my body and in my soul and in the core of my being that what was offered at that altar was something I needed, something I wanted, something I could not live without. I still can’t quite explain it; I still know that it is true. Continue reading

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By halves

My mother’s mantra haunts me: Never do things by halves; Continue reading

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Be angry, but do not sin

Righteous anger can be used to the advantage of the kingdom of God; championing the abolition of slavery; fighting the Nazi holocaust; marching to make sure that everyone has heard and understood that Black Lives Matter; defending the defenceless and the endangered. But anger is only useful as a tool in the hands of one who has control of it, and who is not controlled by it. Continue reading

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