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An open letter on the proposed budget

A letter to my congressional representatives. Please note that this is my personal opinion, and not sent on behalf of any congregation or organization.  My fellow Americans, I would like to take a moment of your time to consider the … Continue reading

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Forty days of fear

The most ubiquitous instruction in the Bible, we are told, is this: Do not be afraid. And yet, its counterpart is not unfamiliar, either: Fear the Lord your God. Ash Wednesday marks the first of forty days of Lent. It … Continue reading

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Without prayer my words are empty air Without silence I bellow in the wind Without praise my anger turns to bitterness Without passion my blood runs wasted cold Without humility endurance loses its endeavour Without return disquiet finds no rest … Continue reading

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At the parish where I celebrate Communion week by week, we use pita for the bread – a nice Middle Eastern connection. I tear off a small piece for each person who presents themself at the altar rail, place it … Continue reading

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A sermon for the fourth Sunday after the Epiphany, and the aftermath of an executive order turning away refugees and other immigrants (including green card holders) from seven nations. The Gospel was the Sermon on the Mount: the Beatitudes (Matthew … Continue reading

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Silk, the colour of home patterned anew knotted behind; her fingers ache to run through his hair, silk upon silk; almost done. She leaves her gift on the bed, silk upon silk, runs to the airport, where she waits

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  Truth is not proud, running his calloused hands across the welt of guilt, knowing good from evil, deliverance from dependence on temptation to sway the scales. Truth is not innocent of the burden of each deficit of decency, quavering … Continue reading

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