Coming April 2020 from Upper Room Books:

A Family Like Mine: Biblical stories of love, loss, and longing

Now available for preorder at Upper Room Books,, Barnes & Noble,, and more!

Use the code PRESALE30 at Upper Room Books for a preorder discount!


Other Print Publications:

“O Key of David” in O Wisdom: Advent Devotions on the Names of Jesus (Forward Movement, 2018)

“Blessed Bedbugs” in There’s a Woman in the Pulpit: Christian Clergywomen Share Their Hard Days, Holy Moments & the Healing Power of Humor, the Revd Martha Spong, editor, with a Foreword by the Revd Carol Howard Merritt (SkyLight Paths Publishing, 2015)

Articles and Links:

At Sojourners:

Why I’ve Made 100 Orange Stoles Addressing Gun Violence

At Red Letter Christians:

Uncivil War: Gilroy, guns, and White anger

Via RevGalBlogPals:

Turn out the lights

Suffer the children

Undomesticated Violence

At Religion Dispatches:

What American Flag Worship Looks Like to a New Citizen

Jeffress’ Statement about Trump’s God-given Authority is Nonsense

Via the Collegeville Institute:

The Sparrow (a poem)

Solstice (a poem)

At, website of the Cleveland Plain Dealer

Guns everywhere, but our safety is never more compromised (Opinion)

Rosalind C Hughes is a regular editor and contributor for the Episcopal Cafe. Numerous credits include:

An autumn prayer (October 2019)

Disappointment as a spiritual practice (May 2019)

Cats and gods (June 2018)

Mark, immediately (April 2018)

As though (February 2018)

It’s not Trump’s to give away: Praying for peace in Jerusalem (December 2017)

Internal Mental Health Awareness Day(October 2017)

Time (Lords) for gender equality (July 2017)

Coexisting in Jordan (October 2016)

among many others

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