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Unquiet centre

not the absence of sound but
footprints on the ceiling and
the waltz of a three-legged cat Continue reading

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The Lost City of Petra

Treasures In Petra, beyond fhe red sands and wild dogs beyond the edifice, extravagant ruins tombs and treasures of the dead beyond the colonnaded avenues beyond the steps worn smooth choreographed by Bedouin and pilgrim feet donkeys and tourists, each … Continue reading

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Faking It

I sit in silence as the base boards click and tick around my ankles, shaking out heat; across the room the fridge kicks in, humming to a rhythmic beat, chilling; I sit in the silence in between, lukewarm.

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Zechariah and the newborn

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. According to the Gospel of Luke, when Gabriel (an archangel) announced to John’s father that his wife would conceive, Zechariah was doubtful, and Gabriel, as a sign that this … Continue reading

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Good Friday Liturgy

If your music can’t describe the agony without the temptation to temper it with sweetness, let it crash to the floor. If your canvas cannot portray the infinite end, the sightless abyss, the void, let it be empty. If your … Continue reading

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