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To become whole

A sermon for the service of Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, including the Blessing of the Animals, at the Church of the Epiphany, Euclid, Ohio. Readings include Genesis 2:18-24 I heard not long ago of someone in this developed and modern … Continue reading

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The dry bones

They must have been famished,that bunch of bones shrugged together,flesh and sinew awaiting breath.How long had they been fasting in the dust? They were surely parched;their skin must have sagged,their steps dragged – how manycalories does resurrection burn, anyway? Did … Continue reading

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Elements of creation, currency of compassion

What would we pay to defray the risk of storing explosive chemicals among people’s living spaces? What would we give for an economy that could never be said to depend upon a thousand deaths per day from pandemic to stay afloat? What would we confront in order to be able to offer a cup of clean water to the children of Flint?
What would it take for us to get out of the boat? Continue reading

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Between fire and the sky- cold stars trading embers, we are smoke: dust, ash, and air rising and falling

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A prayer for the absence of miracles

Swimming as an act of faith: Faith in the friendliness of the great lake, doorway to the deep- seated sediment of creation; Faith in the body to carry its cargo through the waves, inspired by the brooding, hovering breath of … Continue reading

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I went to the water filled with chaos, foaming with worry, frothy with fear; I went to the water cold as winter, opaque as oil. I went to the water to see your Spirit spraying the rocks with invisible ink, animation drawn out of … Continue reading

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Why wait for inspiration when before the breath that catches on creation, shucks life into eternity, expires before the face of God aspired the Spirit had already taken wing, hefting feathers into flight, breaching the horizon of the first Word, advent of the … Continue reading

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Falling star

The sun does not set; it becomes moot. The security light clicks on instead, sensing danger as water falls like silver, holds its form uncontained I do not expect anyone at prayer on a night such as this but something … Continue reading

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St David’s

Sheer skyfall, blue to blue, plumb-lined from the heavens to the deep measures a cliff, eroded from creation, where only dune-grass and sheep may grow, miraculously rooted as the earth turns. We set out on a narrow path littered with … Continue reading

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Marking time

The action of turning the calendar page is a challenge to understand how each day anchors us in that moment between the gravity of time and the weightlessness of eternity. Continue reading

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