Whom Shall I Fear?

Publishing July 1, 2021. Preorder available now:

Whom Shall I Fear? does not try to tell churches how to keep their congregation and community safe from harm, when the scenario has become all too frequent in recent years: another mass shooting in a public space.

But this book does invite congregational decision makers to examine their operational and security policies to be sure they are consistent with their professed and proclaimed Gospel values. It raises common themes in approaches to church security and looks at them in light of scripture.

This book contains thought-provoking reflections on topics such as locked doors, living faithfully in an unfaithful world, the question of armed security in a church setting, the duty of Christians to extend hospitality to their neighbors, stories and insights from survivors of gun violence, and what churches can do to transform the world around them.

To contact the author and set up a conversation with your book group or leadership team, email AFamilyLikeMine@rosalindhughes.com