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Living water: A love story

Read in a certain way, the banter between Jesus and the woman can sound almost like a flirtation; but the spark is the long, slow heat of the love of God that has drawn each of them to an understanding of how God so loves the world.

In the noonday, the sun has stood still as they linger in the light of eternity. Continue reading

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I cannot stand straight. My body shapes itself to air that falls away beneath its drooping head and arms.  Once so solid, with you no longer there, I drift as though weightless, of no substance; I lean against the empty … Continue reading

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Postponing Pentecost reflections

“How can they be drunk?” asks Peter, in all innocence. “It’s only nine o’clock in the morning!” And every time, I have to smile, or smirk, or weep at his innocence, or naïveté. As in the rest of the gospel … Continue reading

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