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Book Review: Raising White Kids, by Jennifer Harvey

Harvey has plenty of useful things to say to parents and others wondering how to shift their conversation around race from optimistic color-blindness to realistic anti-racism. Continue reading

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Disappointment and other stories

I am on a plane flying up the east coast of Britain. Soon, we will make a left turn over Scotland into the Atlantic (more precisely, I hope, over the Atlantic) to New Jersey. By way of the frozen north, … Continue reading

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Security alert

Count seconds between eruptions; dog howl fear strikes: cell phone lightning storm.

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Signs of the times

It’s been a long week. It has left me ping-ponging between anger at the challenges young people face that we had never heard of growing up, and astonishment at how some of them respond with strength, dignity, friendship and love. … Continue reading

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A message offered to my son and his cohort, the graduating class of Bay High School, 2014: Thank you for the honour of being with you this afternoon. I was struck by some of the words you all chose for … Continue reading

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Breast feeding in church

http://www.religionnews.com/2014/01/02/breast-feeding-rise-church-still-issue/ I saw this on Facebook this evening, and I had to wonder all over again how feeding babies ever became such a hot button issue. Admittedly, first time around was a learning experience. Still, each of my three was … Continue reading

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Lost in the department store

Frantic, fleeting moments in the old department store, for each passing second a hundred possibilities; few of them good. Disembodied voices broadcast fear across the floors: “Have you seen this child? Wearing a blue coat with a hood.” Elevators, escalators, … Continue reading

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Rumours of war

I dreamed of the young ones on graduation day. They were leaving for war, assembled rank and file on the high school field, the front line singled out and sent away. We tried to reach them for a parting embrace; … Continue reading

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Remembering Rachel

A few months ago, my teenaged daughter asked if she coud go urban exploring. Of course, I said no. Acknowledging that it sounded intriguing and exciting and that I could certainly see the artistic possibilities, I pointed out that it … Continue reading

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Martha, Mary and the midwife’s advice

Here’s how I’d like the story to go: Martha: lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her then to help me.” Jesus: “lads, Simon, Andrew, James, Whatsyername, you … Continue reading

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