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Where we sit

This is the setting against which we do our work. The inequality of labour and economics: Abraham ordering his servant to butcher and prepare a calf in short order, while he stands with his guests; Martha run off her feet and out of her mind. The violence that erupts between those who do not understand nor see one another as a father, as a child, as a person, but code them as an obstacle, an aggressor, or a threat. Continue reading

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The wedding parable

What if this wedding were not about the king and his slaves, the guests and their clothing, the invited and the uninvited and the smited?
What if this parable were about the bridegroom and his beloved? Continue reading

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Martha & Mary

There is so much to be done: the sweeping of the streets, the hanging of bags full of plasma, saline, the careful placement of Kleenex. There are so many distractions: tanks and trucks, bullets and bombs, the cleaning of windows … Continue reading

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Martha, Mary and the midwife’s advice

Here’s how I’d like the story to go: Martha: lord, do you not care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself? Tell her then to help me.” Jesus: “lads, Simon, Andrew, James, Whatsyername, you … Continue reading

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