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Trinity (in preparation for Sunday) When the children were little, and they wouldn’t listen, they wouldn’t play nicely, or tidy their toys, or eat their greens, or let go of the poor cat’s tender tail, I would say, “I’ll count … Continue reading

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The naming of cats, children, and wonderful counsellors

Recently a parishioner handed me a list she had come across of fifty names for Jesus given to him in scripture – fifty shades of great, perhaps? There were some wonderful titles, but I don’t think that in the whole … Continue reading

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Many years ago, when my first daughter was a baby, I heard a sermon which took parents to task regarding their Christian responsibilities to their children. There were various points, and a story. The story involved the preacher’s own infant … Continue reading

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Babies, breasts and baptism

When our babies were new, a friend told the story of her daughter’s baptism. Another child in the congregation was being baptized alongside her, and this baby was hungry. Very hungry. The baby would not be put off or consoled … Continue reading

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