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Less than forty years

We have been in this wilderness for a year now. It will not take us 40 years to reach its far side, but it will remain a part of our faith story, shaping our lament and our hope for years to come. It has physically altered our prayers and our liturgy. It has called us, like Noah, like Abraham, like Moses, into new ways of being and new understandings of God’s presence with us. Continue reading

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An arpeggio rising beyond our ear, they who strum and straddle the lines between heaven and the earth, the angels incorporeal, they think us foolish to strain after touch, sight, sounds, the echo in our marrow of a descending chord … Continue reading

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The great and the good

And now Jesus was stuck on the floor with a sleeping baby, his hands full, his feet with no feeling left in them, and the child’s mother had gone back to work. There was nothing for it but to continue to wait on the baby, serving it with patience and with love. … Continue reading

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A house of cedar

“Wherever you have gone,” God says, “I have gone with you. Whatever trials you have faced, I have faced beside you. Whatever dangers befell you, I stood before you. What makes you think that in order to keep me by your side, you have to build me a cedar box, store me like cloth in mothballs?” Continue reading

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A perfectly imperfect marriage

I think John Henry was lonely, and that Christ was as much his consolation as his committed husband.
He approached his ordination like a wedding, with excitement and dread, with joy and cold feet. Continue reading

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Epiphany wisdom, old and new

The picture that we expect to see is not always the one that is painted by God. Continue reading

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Healing Spiritual Wounds, by Carol Howard Merritt (Book Review)

I love a good story, and Carol Howard Merritt’s book, Healing Spiritual Wounds: Reconnecting with a Loving God after Experiencing a Hurtful Church, is full of them. But it is not just a memoir of leaving one theological tradition for … Continue reading

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Salt and light

Salt is not only a matter of good taste. It is elemental. It is sacramental. Continue reading

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Seeking sanctuary

Last week, the office set of church keys went missing. We tried hard to discover them, but after a decent interval of searching and waiting for a miraculous appearance, I gave in and called the food pantry guest who had … Continue reading

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Empty churches

Mary, the mother church, eking out milk to last the week; Monday morning, spent, she rests convalescent, quiet A void of another kind, Shakespeare’s tomb hastily built into Babel; who sees the stranger seeking sanctuary from its old iron face? St … Continue reading

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