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Christ, have mercy, we expostulate once more. Continue reading

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At ten o’clock on the fourteenth day of the third month of year two thousand eighteen of this portion of our history, twenty-eight days after seventeen of their generation died in one school, in one day, countless students will leave their classes, searching for one more word of covenant, one more promise of life redeemed from the chaos. Continue reading

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Cleansing the temple

Christ, cleanse our temple courts where money changes hands to purchase  sacrificial lambs offered on the high altar hymned with thoughts and prayers and the black sheep, tethered, set aside for the devotions of white-robed acolytes, while mourners shuffle ceaseless intercessions … Continue reading

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“Startled” is putting it mildly

“I mention all of this because I am able to consider Donald Trump’s suggestion that teachers in school should carry weapons, recalling my roles as a soldier, an educator and a parent.” Continue reading

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We came here after Columbine

Let’s paint them
red, white, and blue
have some clergyman
compose a pledge
teach our children to recite it
hand on heart Continue reading

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Do not give your heart to the ashes

The landscape within which we live is littered with sin, from the scars we inflict upon the earth on up through the twisted veins of hearts that would burn down a church built in the image of God’s mercy. And it is impossible to stand here in an attitude of repentance tonight without acknowledging the complicity of our common life in the deaths of 17 students, children, at a high school in Florida this afternoon. Our participation in systems of sin, as its priests and as its victims, is as inevitable as the ice of winter. Continue reading

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Security alert

Count seconds between eruptions; dog howl fear strikes: cell phone lightning storm.

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Year A Proper 25: For the love of God

This post has been updated to reflect the version preached at the Church of the Epiphany, Euclid, Ohio, October 26th. Which commandment is the greatest? they asked. It is not, in fact, a difficult question. How else can you even … Continue reading

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Out of the mouths

“Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings…” – isn’t that what the Bible says? Yesterday, the NRA broke its quite understandable, even welcome, silence following the news out of Newtown last week. More guns, they suggested, would prevent more … Continue reading

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