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When the heavens open

And Jesus: little, embryonic, speck of Jesus; what does he see, from such a soft and secret place? What does he know, from such a small beginning? Continue reading

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The ghosting of a marriage

There are things they forget to tell you about being married. They advise you not to go to bed angry, to be kind, attentive, grateful, to say seven nice things every day. They may tell you to keep communications open … Continue reading

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Solid ground

Constant God, You are the one fixed point in a universe that never stops moving; expanding, exploding, orbiting, spinning on its axis; the very earth beneath our feet shifts and shrugs, magma boils beneath the surface, fluid. No wonder we … Continue reading

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Pray, not for an end to grief; tears fall, the waters of a hard labour.

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Lenten meditation

Today’s meditation, offered as part of a multi-authored series available through the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio @ http://www.dohio.org: It is a day like no other, this Thursday in the fifth week of Lent. It isn’t one of the “big” days, … Continue reading

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Lost in the department store

Frantic, fleeting moments in the old department store, for each passing second a hundred possibilities; few of them good. Disembodied voices broadcast fear across the floors: “Have you seen this child? Wearing a blue coat with a hood.” Elevators, escalators, … Continue reading

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Seven years

Seven times seven years married, seven years past; a rose remembers.

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