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When is a door not a door?

Jesus is posing his listeners a riddle when he talks of himself in the language of the sheep pen. We only get part of the passage today; we don’t hear Jesus, today, call himself the Good Shepherd. That comes immediately … Continue reading

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Remembering Rachel

A few months ago, my teenaged daughter asked if she coud go urban exploring. Of course, I said no. Acknowledging that it sounded intriguing and exciting and that I could certainly see the artistic possibilities, I pointed out that it … Continue reading

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Year C Easter 7: the shadow side of miracles

I think that this has been the week for miracles. Finding Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight along with a young child alive felt pretty miraculous, didn’t it? Then on Friday’s news, maybe you heard as I did … Continue reading

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Good news

I am confused by the good news. It is such bright, good news, overlaid with shards of loss which cast their light, prismed through fractured pieces, across its tear-stained joy: the loss of innocence the loss of a mother who … Continue reading

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