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Things that do not exist

Taken out of context it reads like a ghost, 
like the time I conjured up a cat 
in the attic that leapt like a flame 
and vanished along with its own shadow 
when I was a child.  Continue reading

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A memory in black and white

A memory so ancient, it could be in black and white. I met the vicar on the street, in his white collar. He said, “J’accuse!” He did not.  He said, “It has been too long since you received Communion.” I … Continue reading

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Spoken and unspoken

I tell you this one, so that we can laugh, and turn our backs for another century or so on the graveyards full of other, rotten bodies. Continue reading

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This morning’s prayer is for those carrying their grief under their skin, pricked by memories. Continue reading

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Year B Lent 2: putting a spin on the gospel

One of the good things to come out of the trials and tribulations of Brian Williams and Bill O’Reilly, in hot water over the accuracy of their memories of reporting from dangerous places, accused of polishing their credentials, of burnishing … Continue reading

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Forgive and forget (2)

Last week, I wrote about forgiving and forgetting offences done unto us. This week is all about those who forget what they have done. Does the fact that they do not remember that they have hurt us make it easier … Continue reading

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Nothing, nor anything else

A grace-filled daily reflection from a colleague got me thinking. He was writing about those wonderful words of Paul, which are included in the little rationale for joy and grief coexisting at funerals which is included in our Book of … Continue reading

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How I learned to write poems

She had a tortoiseshell called Puddles who wandered in one day and never left; he watched us deal in words and cookies across the kitchen table. Her husband began to tremble when he walked, and one night my father found … Continue reading

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Do you remember when we tried to work out how old you were by counting the years? They refused to add up to the number you had in your head. The one in the hospital when you asked for clothing … Continue reading

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Collect for the anniversary of a death

Almighty God, whose memory is longer than time; we remember especially today your daughter N. Grant us patience, peace, healing and hope as remember good times and bad; so that even our grief may become an instrument of your grace. … Continue reading

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