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A prayer for the end of the world

Make all things new; but do not rush forward to your new creation. Do not leave us alone at the end of the world. Continue reading

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This morning’s prayer is for those carrying their grief under their skin, pricked by memories. Continue reading

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Crossing time

This time next week, I hope to have reached the mountaintop. Between here and there is a steep and rocky ridge. Last time I crossed Crib Goch, it was on my hands and knees. My ambition, some quarter of a … Continue reading

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Why Jesus wept

Lazarus, lying in the tomb, locked in death, was not deaf to the call of Jesus upon his body, and his spirit, and his enduring life. Continue reading

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So you want to give thanks …

… but you do not want to deny your grief, for the loss of life, and love, and hope that you have suffered. You want to give thanks, but you are afraid of becoming faithless, betraying your pain. It is … Continue reading

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The world is still, on the edge of tears, even as it continues, as it must, to turn night to day and business to money and traffic to weariness. The leaves tremble at an unseen adjustment of air pressure; an … Continue reading

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Reasons to #WearOrange: Devaluation

A confession: when we are discussing the pros and cons of an apartment to rent, our family has come to use a rather disrespectful shorthand for one particular criterion. How “killy” the street or block has become the self-defining descriptor of … Continue reading

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