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Sinking sand

A little Lenten story An English seaside town, its name suffixed with something left behind by the Romans. A sandy beach with buckets and spades, Punch and Judy, donkey rides, sandwiches gritty with their namesake, seagulls looking for leftover ice … Continue reading

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The prayer bear

God as the she-bear protecting her cubs kept coming back around to haunt us. Continue reading

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Small world 

… Those moments when the world telescopes down, folds up like a map that will not go back the same way, creases turning inside out and sideways. Like that one time in an dim alcove of Notre Dame: “Of all … Continue reading

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Ashes and coaldust

Of all the symbols that we use in the Christian year, the ashes of Ash Wednesday might be at once the most unambiguous and the most strange. A wise colleague was recently heard to remark on the popularity of “ashes-to-go” … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 21: By whose authority?

Rarely does Jesus give a straight answer to a straight question; but rarely, too, is he quite as direct about his indirection as he is here. Leading to the following reflection: Can you imagine being Jesus’ mother? I don’t mean … Continue reading

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My brother was one of those children – maybe you were, or maybe you had one like him – who would, from time to time, express his displeasure at his parents by leaving home. He would pack up his little … Continue reading

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David and other saints

St David’s in the seventies. A family walking the cliffs around the tiny city on the sea; well, they were walking, but she was skipping. She was, after all, six. She was lost in her own thoughts, as was often … Continue reading

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How I learned to write poems

She had a tortoiseshell called Puddles who wandered in one day and never left; he watched us deal in words and cookies across the kitchen table. Her husband began to tremble when he walked, and one night my father found … Continue reading

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