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Collect for the anniversary of a death

Almighty God, whose memory is longer than time; we remember especially today your daughter N. Grant us patience, peace, healing and hope as remember good times and bad; so that even our grief may become an instrument of your grace. … Continue reading

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The Unremembered

The ones who fade away at the back of the newsreel, hungry eyes accusing; The one whose face we never saw, for whom there is no stone or sign; The ones whose warm breath froze in the cold air; the ones who … Continue reading

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Sirens, sharks and sharp rocks threaten shipwreck; gentle waves promise peace; but water bends light, re-shaping and re-sizing, scattering and re-collecting the things that lie below. Playful, silvery creatures flash by in shoals, some tame enough to eat from your hand. Some have … Continue reading

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