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The question of Lazarus

“Tell me, mortal,
can these dry bones live?”
Lazarus, coughing and blinking
replies, or would
if breath permits, Continue reading

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Year A Lent 5: Lazarus and other resurrections

Of course, they all would ask him about it, after the event. What was it like, being dead? Lazarus would tell them, “I don’t know what I can say to you about that. I can tell you what it was … Continue reading

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Dry Bones

I cried so long my very bones were dry; I couldn’t raise my head, lay loose-limbed, sunken. I heard a voice cry, “Prophesy!” My body jumped, of its own volition, to attention, knocking the stale breath out of me with … Continue reading

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The day before, the bones scatter on the valley floor, helped by the clean-up vulture crew, laid out to dry in the sun. There is a photograph hanging of the witch of Endor, grotesque in its details, she is all … Continue reading

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