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Because love is the miracle

Love is what it takes
to make the other
miracles true… Continue reading

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To become whole

A sermon for the service of Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost, including the Blessing of the Animals, at the Church of the Epiphany, Euclid, Ohio. Readings include Genesis 2:18-24 I heard not long ago of someone in this developed and modern … Continue reading

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Reconciling love

Into this covenant Ann and Ben now come to be married. May their witness to the love and faithfulness of Christ warm our hearts, our may our joy at their union be reckoned to us as a reconciling righteousness. Amen. Continue reading

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The ghosting of a marriage

There are things they forget to tell you about being married. They advise you not to go to bed angry, to be kind, attentive, grateful, to say seven nice things every day. They may tell you to keep communications open … Continue reading

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I watch her in the early light, her breath slight, her skin soft; barely there, she is solidly unconcerned. Since, she has become like a little sparrow, evasive yet everywhere; I saw one in a Walmart once, swooping between the … Continue reading

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Seven years

Seven times seven years married, seven years past; a rose remembers.

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Valentine’s Day

A poem from a couple of years ago, when the only time in the day that I saw my husband was as our cars passed on opposite sides of the highway’s central divide. This year, he’s out of state. Oh … Continue reading

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An apology

To those hurting and heartbreaking, angry and frustrated after yesterday’s vote in North Carolina: I’m sorry. I’m sorry that as a woman married to a man I am part of a majority that has said, “My love is sacred and … Continue reading

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Wives, be subject to your husbands

This afternoon, I heard that passage from Ephesians read in worship, by a woman, and I smiled. I smiled because I knew that she was going to have something to say about it! I smiled, too, because it reminded me … Continue reading

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