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I’ll eat my words

Today, instead of writing I consumed words like cereal, inhaling through my ears the opinions of the radio, rolling words of fiction between my teeth to see if I could taste the lie, drowning D. H. Lawrence in the bath.

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Why wait for inspiration when before the breath that catches on creation, shucks life into eternity, expires before the face of God aspired the Spirit had already taken wing, hefting feathers into flight, breaching the horizon of the first Word, advent of the … Continue reading

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Beating a retreat

Saturday, daybreak. It is a rare day on which I wake up alone, with no plan except to write, and read, and dream. I am still dreaming at daybreak (of cabinets in the church basement, and their mysterious removal) when … Continue reading

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Fair linen

I heard Anne Lamott at a writer’s showcase a while ago, and she said that if we writerly types do not write down right away our ideas, the ones that strike at inopportune moments, then God gives them to her, … Continue reading

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