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Ascension (when necessary)

When resurrection is not enough; when, beyond the empty tomb, mud sucks footsteps back toward hell; flash flood waters, falling, leave a ring around your soul, and the sky too close for comfort, despite miracles of incarnation, resurrection; ascension gives … Continue reading

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Ascension (inversion)

Precipitous falling land & water at the shore where dust turns to clay, matter moulded to our humanity. A low fog confuses earth with its firmament; the mud holds its breath until the star breaks, rising in the east.

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Year A Easter 7: Eternity

The live version of this morning’s sermon included contributions from my wonderful congregation on where they saw God and eternity, which I have not included here. I couldn’t help thinking about the movie The Matrix as I was reflecting on … Continue reading

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Year C Easter 7: the shadow side of miracles

I think that this has been the week for miracles. Finding Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight along with a young child alive felt pretty miraculous, didn’t it? Then on Friday’s news, maybe you heard as I did … Continue reading

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Some things ascend (others do not)

The skylark, singing. Clouds; but those that reach the mountaintop fall as rain, giggling and gurgling. A swan, slow to start, duckpond runway, lifting largely, broad wings set free. Incense laden with prayers, pious particles. A child on a trampoline, … Continue reading

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God’s right-hand wo/men

Or, Eternity: the Sunday Update! Parts of this morning’s sermon for St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Elyria, are already covered in the previous post (TGIF and Eternity), so I won’t repeat those parts here, but here’s where eternity ended up (so … Continue reading

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A sermon for the Seventh Sunday in Easter (the Sunday after the Ascension), June 5th, 2011, preached at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio – my first as a Deacon!  A podcast of the sermon is available via http://trinitycleveland.org/podcasts/sermons.html “Men of Galilee, … Continue reading

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