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He descended into hell

He ascended into heaven,and sitteth at the right hand of God … Thence shall he cometo judge the quick and the dead,he who sitteth at the righthand of God who sees the sparrowin flight and will not leta feather fall … Continue reading

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An arpeggio rising beyond our ear, they who strum and straddle the lines between heaven and the earth, the angels incorporeal, they think us foolish to strain after touch, sight, sounds, the echo in our marrow of a descending chord … Continue reading

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Ascension (when necessary)

When resurrection is not enough; when, beyond the empty tomb, mud sucks footsteps back toward hell; flash flood waters, falling, leave a ring around your soul, and the sky too close for comfort, despite miracles of incarnation, resurrection; ascension gives … Continue reading

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Ascension (inversion)

Precipitous falling land & water at the shore where dust turns to clay, matter moulded to our humanity. A low fog confuses earth with its firmament; the mud holds its breath until the star breaks, rising in the east.

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Year A Easter 7: Eternity

The live version of this morning’s sermon included contributions from my wonderful congregation on where they saw God and eternity, which I have not included here. I couldn’t help thinking about the movie The Matrix as I was reflecting on … Continue reading

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Year C Easter 7: the shadow side of miracles

I think that this has been the week for miracles. Finding Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight along with a young child alive felt pretty miraculous, didn’t it? Then on Friday’s news, maybe you heard as I did … Continue reading

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Some things ascend (others do not)

The skylark, singing. Clouds; but those that reach the mountaintop fall as rain, giggling and gurgling. A swan, slow to start, duckpond runway, lifting largely, broad wings set free. Incense laden with prayers, pious particles. A child on a trampoline, … Continue reading

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God’s right-hand wo/men

Or, Eternity: the Sunday Update! Parts of this morning’s sermon for St Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Elyria, are already covered in the previous post (TGIF and Eternity), so I won’t repeat those parts here, but here’s where eternity ended up (so … Continue reading

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A sermon for the Seventh Sunday in Easter (the Sunday after the Ascension), June 5th, 2011, preached at Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio – my first as a Deacon!  A podcast of the sermon is available via http://trinitycleveland.org/podcasts/sermons.html “Men of Galilee, … Continue reading

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Backdated: Ascension (again)

As promised, here is the next installment in a three-week/three-year sweep of Ascension sermons. This one was preached on May 12th, 2010, the Eve of the Ascension, at the Choral Evensong of Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, OH, using the Year C … Continue reading

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