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An arpeggio rising beyond our ear, they who strum and straddle the lines between heaven and the earth, the angels incorporeal, they think us foolish to strain after touch, sight, sounds, the echo in our marrow of a descending chord … Continue reading

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Create in me a new heart, O God (Psalm 51:11a) Wind trills taughtly-anchored telegraph wires. A stave of birds compose an arpeggio, ready for flight. Hedges shrug off the gusts and hold the line, but Something is trying to stir … Continue reading

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A word about music

For TrebleFest 2016, Trinity Cathedral, Cleveland, Ohio; in these or other words: Singing is a profound example of how we are made in the image of God. Whether we come to it through the science of the body, the breath … Continue reading

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… I mentioned in last night’s homily that the fate and faith of the Dorchester chaplains brought to my mind the musicians of the Titanic, and their own cords of friendship. Grave A hair’s breadth from panic, taut, trembling disguised … Continue reading

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Music to weep by

A simple psalm, honest vibrato supplied by the singer’s fear of the Lord; a half-forgotten nursery rhyme from a half-forgotten time; a song whose intervals trip down memory lane; a show tune belted over the kitchen sink; notes rise on … Continue reading

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Perfect storm

God, singing in the shower, echoing slate grey tesselating clouds.

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