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The priest

Leave your prayers here with me,   not because I can answer them –   you and I know better –   but to slip on like borrowed shoes   before I cross the threshold

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Morning prayer

A rainbow in my rearview mirror; ahead, the bridge is stalled to let an ambulance fly over, chasing life. A rainbow in my rearview mirror; the electronic highway sign describes an untold story in make, model, missing, before reverting to travel time for the morning commute. A rainbow … Continue reading

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I should get out more

In my collar, I notice people respond to me passing them by, for better or for worse. I smile, pass the time of day. Then someone stopped me short:
”Don’t you remember me?” Continue reading

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Growing pains

They say you can do anything you set your mind to; then they ask you what you want to be when you grow up. When you answer them, the thorns begin to show. I told them I would be a … Continue reading

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Hannah’s hope

I could say a lot about Hannah. I feel as though I almost know her, I have almost met her, across a crowd, just out of reach. I recognize her, the tilt of her head, her hair obscuring her face. … Continue reading

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William Tyndale and the passionate vocation

A homily for the Thursday morning Eucharist at Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary, October 4, 2012 William Tyndale was a man with a passion, a man with a mission, with a calling so strong it drove him crazy. How else to … Continue reading

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