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The Friday Fast: God remembers that we are dust

An occasional series for Lent 2022 This poem is also found at the Episcopal Cafe

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There is a lot going on in the world, in the country, in our communities and families.
Sometimes, the best antidote to overwhelm is to give in to [ahem – kittens] the overwhelming, particular, peculiar love of God. Continue reading

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How cats answer prayers

I know that I have a weakness for whimsy, but there was something about that cat. She had a flash on her forehead that was the exact colour of the sand in the Jordan desert. Continue reading

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Why I take pictures of cats

Above the Monastery in Petra, signs direct visitors to some of the very Best Views.
We scrambled towards the Best View in the World.
It was a very good view. There was also, of course, a small cat. Continue reading

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Feline mortal

till holding himself somewhat apart, as though some part of him were ready, already, for the next mile of his journey, perhaps he remembered that love is the greater part of life, that relationship is a surer path to wisdom even than philosophy. Continue reading

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Beating a retreat

Saturday, daybreak. It is a rare day on which I wake up alone, with no plan except to write, and read, and dream. I am still dreaming at daybreak (of cabinets in the church basement, and their mysterious removal) when … Continue reading

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Saved and unsaved

It is a variation on that old question of what to save from the burning house. This morning, my middle cat, not the most grace-filled of creatures, landed unexpectedly in my cup of tea while I was working at my … Continue reading

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Out of control

The calendar says that there are three weeks left of summer, up here in the northern hemisphere; but today was full of autumn leaves, red and gold and fallen. Clearly, my calendar is not fully in control of the seasons. Continue reading

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Trinity (in preparation for Sunday) When the children were little, and they wouldn’t listen, they wouldn’t play nicely, or tidy their toys, or eat their greens, or let go of the poor cat’s tender tail, I would say, “I’ll count … Continue reading

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Things that I struggle with

Things that I struggle with, in no particular order: Unscrewing the lid from a new jar of pickles. Unravelling tangled yarn chewed by the cat. Understanding the holy mystery of the empty tomb. Untying the umbilical cords that bind us … Continue reading

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