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Beating a retreat

Saturday, daybreak. It is a rare day on which I wake up alone, with no plan except to write, and read, and dream. I am still dreaming at daybreak (of cabinets in the church basement, and their mysterious removal) when … Continue reading

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Bigger on the inside

Fans of the tardis already know that it is bigger on the inside than it appears from the outside; but it’s not the only thing that is built that way. Life. Way more gets packed into it than anyone would … Continue reading

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The wellness gospel

Last week, driving a bunch of overtired teens back from a rollercoaster day (literally; they were at Cedar Point), my car flashed me a warning light. Well-trained in the vagaries of overworked technology, I ignored it until it went away. … Continue reading

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Pre-ordination retreat

With profound thanks to the parish of St James, Wooster, Ohio and their rector, the Rev. Evelyn Manzella for their hospitality; and gratitude to my family for letting me go 🙂 My day typically begins with a cup of tea … Continue reading

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Friday, December 16th: Forgetfulness

This week, I have been forgetting things. I forgot an appointment, which is a disgraceful waste of someone’s time. I forgot to take the power lead for my computer to work, which was just inconvenient and annoying. I forgot my bread … Continue reading

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