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Lullaby for the end of the world

This Sunday’s readings are a little apocalyptic; whether one reads Daniel and Mark, or Hannah’s proto-Magnificat, change is in the air, and much of it alarming. Jürgen Moltmann believes that the Christian should not be afraid of the end of … Continue reading

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Break water

Breakwater before midnight; primal elements: dark water. Let light break. This dark water tastes wrong; unseasoned soup, it will not hold me up. I throw up my hands. Your thoughts are not my thoughts, there will be no meeting of … Continue reading

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Zechariah and the newborn

Today is the Feast of the Nativity of John the Baptist. According to the Gospel of Luke, when Gabriel (an archangel) announced to John’s father that his wife would conceive, Zechariah was doubtful, and Gabriel, as a sign that this … Continue reading

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Jesus said, “And this is eternal life, that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” Today was my son’s birth day. Small and soft, he begins to unfurl, a birthmark smeared beneath … Continue reading

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Year A Lent 2: born again

The thing about being born is that it is less of an event than a process. We might put a time on the birth of a baby, but the minutes and seconds may seem arbitrary after hours or even days … Continue reading

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There is a chasm between birth and being where stuff falls, collects and, hidden by the distance and the dark, smoulders, sending up smoke, ciphers breathed in the language of the unborn and forgotten, known only to their God.

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Things that I struggle with

Things that I struggle with, in no particular order: Unscrewing the lid from a new jar of pickles. Unravelling tangled yarn chewed by the cat. Understanding the holy mystery of the empty tomb. Untying the umbilical cords that bind us … Continue reading

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Epiphany – a showing forth

What did they find amid the mess of humanity, dispersed, dislocated, de facto dispossessed by a collaborative cabal from within and without the wall; a mess of humanity birthed in the mire of the base realm which we inhabit – … Continue reading

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And the cries of pain and exultation mingle with the newborn breath escaping into the air, into the world, and the sky echoes alleluia; glory to God; be at peace.   So it ever was, and, even through our fear, … Continue reading

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