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Tabitha’s companions struggle “to assert her dignity and worth as a human being”

The women had come together to wash Tabitha’s body and commiserate, because there are always those spaces in time and culture where those who bear the title or burdens of womanhood need to come together for mutual support, encouragement, wisdom, laughter, and tears.
This may be one of those spaces in our time and culture. Continue reading

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All Souls

O eternal Lord God, who holdest all souls in life … (Book of Common Prayer, 202) Continue reading

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Year A Lent 2: born again

The thing about being born is that it is less of an event than a process. We might put a time on the birth of a baby, but the minutes and seconds may seem arbitrary after hours or even days … Continue reading

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Raising the dead

They say that Elijah raised a fatherless child, stretched out corpselike over his body, breathing for him, with him, breathing until his new life began. His mother, from then on, developed a habit of peering over his shoulder into the … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I’ll make a deal with you. It is this: that for every single rose you give to a mother walking through your Sunday morning doorway, you say a prayer for the child whose parent left him alone and hungry in … Continue reading

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Hannah’s hope: Anticipation

I don’t often tell this story, because it makes me seem a little bit mad. But Hannah understands. Hannah left the temple and she ate and drank and her countenance was no longer sad. She wasn’t pregnant; she had no … Continue reading

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