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The gifts of the wise ones

The Feast of the Epiphany is a new year of sorts for us, the people of Epiphany. Who knows what this one will bring. But if we are able to keep our hearts and minds and expectations open; if we deploy the gifts of humility, creativity, faith that the magi, the wise ones have taught us, then we may find unexpected grace, unlooked-for epiphanies, the glory of God waiting for us to stumble upon it as the year takes shape, growing like a child, full of curiosity, wonder, and delight.  Continue reading

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Every knee

It is crucial and critical to find this mind that is in Christ Jesus, and follow him in all of his glorious humility. There is nothing wrong with kneeling before him in silence. Continue reading

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Humble blessings

For the twenty-third Sunday after Pentecost in Year C (Proper 25): the Pharisee and the tax collector are praying at the Temple. One is so self-satisfied that he is blinded by his own glory; he outshines God. One is so self-abased … Continue reading

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Prayers, overheard

Each stood away from the other, his face turned anyway but there, no meeting of eyes for these two, let alone hearts, minds. One looked up to heaven, his prayer belying his blindness to the other, “Thank God I am … Continue reading

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Year C Proper 17: An ambition for humility

So what happens if the audience at the dinner party follows Jesus’ advice? What if the next time they are invited out, they are falling over themselves and each other to sit at the foot of the table? What if … Continue reading

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Epiphany – a showing forth

What did they find amid the mess of humanity, dispersed, dislocated, de facto dispossessed by a collaborative cabal from within and without the wall; a mess of humanity birthed in the mire of the base realm which we inhabit – … Continue reading

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