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Morning prayer

A rainbow in my rearview mirror; ahead, the bridge is stalled to let an ambulance fly over, chasing life. A rainbow in my rearview mirror; the electronic highway sign describes an untold story in make, model, missing, before reverting to travel time for the morning commute. A rainbow … Continue reading

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A new creation

As the Ark drifted on the surface of creation for months, by biblical account, not for forty days, but forty days followed by one hundred and fifty days followed by a season of gradual abatement of the waters first from the uninhabitable mountain tops and only slowly to a level where a man and his family and somewhere between two and fourteen of every kind of animal in the world might have room to disembark – as life on the Ark stretched from month to month, its inhabitants must have found some sort of routine, some rhythm, some method of accounting for the days and their demands, but God knows, it cannot have felt anything like normal. And what followed, after the tide ebbed, after they all emerged, after Noah built an altar and made his sacrifice to God; what followed was a new creation, the sign of the rainbow in the sky. Continue reading

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Year B Lent 1: aftermath

Why – why in God’s name would God, of all people, need to set a reminder to remember not to wipe out creation? We tell the story to our children, that the rainbow was a gift from God to remind … Continue reading

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Stop and smell the roses

The advice to stop once in a while to smell the roses is all well and good. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work so well for me: I am anosmic, which means that I am lacking a sense of smell. Still … … Continue reading

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