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The Baptism of Our Lord: profession and practice

Let this be quite clear to us: the killing of innocents anywhere is not a religious act, not by the definition shared by Christians, Muslims, Jews; not by anyone who understands religion as the pursuit of God, the seeking out … Continue reading

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Year A Proper 21: a problem with authority

Based on today’s New Testament texts: Philippians 2:1-13; Matthew 21:23-32 Let the same mind be in you that is in Christ Jesus. Here’s a little window into the mind of Jesus; the humble one, the slave, obedient unto death, even … Continue reading

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Luke 21:25-36

Dissipation, drunkenness and the worries of this life circle their prey; the room dizzies, spins, sickening; swirling skirts’ colours and patterns staining the food, pulling you into the dance; something is calling, falling … snapping back into sharp-edged focus, technicolor … Continue reading

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Packing bags

I try to summon a spirit of tenderness to the task: praying for the woman who wanted toothpaste (I had none); wondering who will want the pet food – who still has room in a hungry life for a heartfelt … Continue reading

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William Tyndale and the passionate vocation

A homily for the Thursday morning Eucharist at Bexley Hall Episcopal Seminary, October 4, 2012 William Tyndale was a man with a passion, a man with a mission, with a calling so strong it drove him crazy. How else to … Continue reading

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On aging gracefully

It is a bit of a cliche right now to harp on about youth and young adults rejecting traditional modes of church in the contemporary culture, or conversely to bang on about how they all really want to be medieval … Continue reading

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Was Jesus married?

The Huffington Post is persisting in cluttering up my facebook newsfeed with tidbits designed to tantalize people into tearing out their hair over the marital status of Jesus. I am finding it difficult to get as over-excited as they would … Continue reading

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