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Sabbatical: ready

When I sang in a choir, long ago and far away, we were taught to stagger our breathing through long, sustained notes. As long as we didn’t all do it at the same time, each of us could take a breather from the music, replenish our oxygen exchange, without the note wavering or failing its audience. As long as we supported one another’s rest, no one need gasp for lack of air, and the music (the service, the worship) would continue unabated. Continue reading

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Earth, oil, ashes, and a pound of precious nard

I have anointed people for death, and I think Mary was right to get in early, because when I return, a few days later, or a week, I do not come bearing precious nard. Continue reading

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Four weddings and a funeral

Over the past few months, I have heard and read more times than I can remember the sentiment of my clergy colleagues who “would rather do ten funerals than a wedding.”* With two in a row the next two Saturdays, … Continue reading

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Seven signs that you may be taking a Sunday off …

1) The alarm is set an hour later than on Monday morning. 2) Sitting down for the sermon. 3) Sitting in someone else’s seat for the sermon. 4) Dancing (discreetly) with one’s daughter during the Communion music 🙂 5) Packing … Continue reading

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