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How to read a palm

Examine the heart; is it sappy, or made of stone? Trace the veins that indicate the wisdom of Solomon, or the mercurial folly of man. Follow the lines of travel: do they cross? If the life line looks long enough, break off the branch, … Continue reading

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I’m sitting up tending a pot of palms as they slowly disintegrate into ash. Under the surface red and orange molten lava moves, shifting and sifting through the burnt and unburnt bits and branches, preparing their repentance for their part … Continue reading

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Palm Sunday procession

The children are playing “parade.” They cut branches and leaves and grass to wave like flags. They throw their coats on the earth to make a colourful parade ground. They ride on their neighbour’s baby donkey and their friend’s large … Continue reading

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Palms and the Passion

The adjudicator comes in pomp; the judge in different circumstances. Sunday’s parodied parade is parlayed into Friday’s farce of a trial.

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