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Palm Sunday 2018: outsourcing peace

It is hard to keep up with the Prince of Peace, but I learned a valuable lesson years ago from a philosopher named Tony whose day job was selling burglar alarms. Continue reading

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Palms and passion

A sermon for Palm Sunday, 2017 Dietrich Bonhoeffer was an acclaimed theologian of the twentieth century. He became iconic after his martyrdom at the hands of Hitler’s Nazi government, shortly before the end of the second World War. According to … Continue reading

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Being one of the crowd: Palm Sunday 2016

Every Palm Sunday we start off well enough, praising God and waving palms in the air, waving at the passing traffic, throwing blessings around like confetti. Within the hour we have become the baying pack hounding Jesus to the cross, … Continue reading

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Earth, oil, ashes, and a pound of precious nard

I have anointed people for death, and I think Mary was right to get in early, because when I return, a few days later, or a week, I do not come bearing precious nard. Continue reading

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Liturgy of the Palms and the Passion

Why did Jesus have to die?
Because none of us should be able to say to God, it’s ok for you; you got off easy. Try my life for a change. Or when we do, at least we will know that God, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, is right there with us, saying yes, yes my child, I know. Continue reading

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A sermon for the Palms and the Passion

At the beginning, the tempter had urged him to make bread, to bow down, to throw himself from the temple and be saved by the angels. In the end, the people would taunt him and tempt him to leave his … Continue reading

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How to read a palm

Examine the heart; is it sappy, or made of stone? Trace the veins that indicate the wisdom of Solomon, or the mercurial folly of man. Follow the lines of travel: do they cross? If the life line looks long enough, break off the branch, … Continue reading

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