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Sleep, prayer, grief, and Jesus

Jesus knew that he would conquer death and sin – he had told them over and again that he would rise – but he was grieved and frightened and anguished at the capacity of his human captors for violence. There is no contradiction here: it was from ourselves that he came to save us. That is why he advises his disciples, “Pray that you may not be tested.”  Continue reading

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The Friday Fast: Do not rush to Easter

Do not rush to Easter You may stumble over someone slowlycarrying their cross, might miss the quiet wordsof sacrifice: my body for you, my blood.Do not sleepwalk past the garden, where olive grovesgroan and dream of peace. Do not rush, … Continue reading

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Liturgy of the Palms and the Passion

Why did Jesus have to die?
Because none of us should be able to say to God, it’s ok for you; you got off easy. Try my life for a change. Or when we do, at least we will know that God, who neither slumbers nor sleeps, is right there with us, saying yes, yes my child, I know. Continue reading

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A sermon for the Palms and the Passion

At the beginning, the tempter had urged him to make bread, to bow down, to throw himself from the temple and be saved by the angels. In the end, the people would taunt him and tempt him to leave his … Continue reading

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A Gethsemane prayer

For once, just for once you tried to lay your burdens, those acquired from crowds and children, a collection of tax collectors, sinners and scribes along the way – for once, just for once you tried to lay them on … Continue reading

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