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They strew palms before the hooves of a donkeylike candy beneath the wheels of a slowly-moving car. My God has laid before me a path of pine needles,and will I hesitate to cry Hosanna?

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St David’s

Sheer skyfall, blue to blue, plumb-lined from the heavens to the deep measures a cliff, eroded from creation, where only dune-grass and sheep may grow, miraculously rooted as the earth turns. We set out on a narrow path littered with … Continue reading

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Is this how it was for Adam and Eve: old as time and young as their memories; innocence easily beguiled, carrying still the remnants of chaos, shaken off to water the tree? And see who answers their tapping on the … Continue reading

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End of summer

The softest of rain makes nervous puddles shudder; what will fall down next?

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