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A psalm of lament

We turn to you, Compassionate One,
with your endless forbearance and infinite mercy, and pray that your patience will one day break;

because it seems some days that ours, our capacity for carnage, is everlasting. Continue reading

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Timely: a psalm

Bend my time back to the moment
when You are ever present,
and let it be now. Continue reading

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Psalm for the fourth funeral

Good God, sometimes mortality becomes too heavy for us to bear under; it piles up like bones. We flood the valley floor with grief; our footsteps sink for want of solid ground. How long, O Lord, will you wait to … Continue reading

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Music to weep by

A simple psalm, honest vibrato supplied by the singer’s fear of the Lord; a half-forgotten nursery rhyme from a half-forgotten time; a song whose intervals trip down memory lane; a show tune belted over the kitchen sink; notes rise on … Continue reading

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This week has been a bit, well, portenty; omenfull, as it were. If I were of a nervous disposition, I might be getting a little bit jumpy. It started on Tuesday, with the purchase of not one but two temporary … Continue reading

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