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God gets maternal anxiety

My friend and my mentor each touched upon that near-fatal intersection of parenting and perfectionism that will plague me with anxiety until the kingdom come. Does God, that perfect Parent, suffer anxiety? Continue reading

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Aging gracelessly

Young men walk like ducks any more (she thinks), sprawling from side to side, feet splayed wide, taking space that should, by rights, be mine; she hears herself, shrill in her own mind’s ear. A softer woman would see (she … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day

I’ll make a deal with you. It is this: that for every single rose you give to a mother walking through your Sunday morning doorway, you say a prayer for the child whose parent left him alone and hungry in … Continue reading

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Hannah, holding on

Hannah had promised the Lord of hosts that if God would give her a son, then she would give her son back to God all the days of his life, “and the Lord remembered her, and in due time, Hannah … Continue reading

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Working Mother

I know that I should know better than to wade into murky water, but over the past week, there’s been a lot of talk about work, motherhood, and how they fit together. I am not going to tell you what … Continue reading

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