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The faithful shepherd

The Incarnation of Christ is the certainty that God has experienced and undergone all that drags us down into that valley. God is with us in its depths, with rod and staff, the faithful shepherd. Continue reading

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In God’s gospel truth, the day comes when nothing is to be done, except to shiver below the lowering sky, crouch within the trembling earth, wind down the body into the new-hewn tomb * * * The birds are the … Continue reading

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Heart healthy

If I am working into the evening, I try to get out around four or five o’clock for a walk. It’s cheaper than caffeine, and it doesn’t keep me up all night. So I found myself contemplating our contemplative prayer … Continue reading

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I watch her in the early light, her breath slight, her skin soft; barely there, she is solidly unconcerned. Since, she has become like a little sparrow, evasive yet everywhere; I saw one in a Walmart once, swooping between the … Continue reading

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My daughter’s t-shirt

When we went to the National Cathedral a couple of years ago, my youngest daughter bought a t-shirt with Robin Williams’ “Top 10 reasons for being an Episcopalian.” Yesterday, he died, apparently of suicide. My husband hates reading statistics or … Continue reading

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Crib Goch, and other melodramatic metaphors

On a knife edge, the threat of falling shrouded in a misty pall, each step a battle of will over fear. Others stride across a broad thoroughfare; I snarl at their sunny backs; gravity has grappled me to the rock.

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The Mime

Living in a portable Perspex box, beauty teases on the breeze, my hand smacks hard against its borders, my lips bruised from reaching for tenderness.

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