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It is too light a thing

We see our fellow godchildren as like us, or not like us, or invisible to us. But it is God’s salvation that we proclaim, and that we claim for ourselves, and God created light to shine from one end of the universe to the other.
The light of God’s salvation is for everyone. It is the light which enlightens every body, which lifts every burden, which anoints every wound with healing. Continue reading

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Light speaks

light whispers, flushed and fevered,
smouldering out of sight to
the point of conflagration. Continue reading

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Seeing the light

On the carriageway out of the castle about halfway down, the tunnel bends sharply. They told us that a dray horse, poorly schooled in perspective, would find it hard to believe that the tight, bright portal at the end of … Continue reading

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the light of the world

When you hide your face, the sky falls. Stars burn cold; the sun slumps, refusing to rise to the occasion; the moon gapes like a dumb rock. When you look away, ashen shadows coat everything with their fingerless touch. Turn … Continue reading

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A light reflection for Christmas Day

Why do we read John on Christmas morning, instead of one of those cute pageant stories from Matthew or Luke? It is because for John, this is Christmas: that Christ was born before the worlds began, as old as God, … Continue reading

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Saint Lucy’s Day

An Advent meditation for the Episcopal Diocese of Ohio Friday, December 13, 2013 I remember learning, from John Donne’s Nocturnall, that S Lucie’s day was the shortest, the darkest, “the yeares midnight,” as he would have it. It took me … Continue reading

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Year C Easter 6: Light

Light is really special. During the last couple of centuries, scientists began to discover some really quite counter-intuitive things about light, the way that light moves, acts, has its being. We  think of light as beams, rays, waves. But light … Continue reading

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On Wednesday, in the evening as darkness begins to fall, we will anticipate the passion to come, the darkness that will fall over the whole land on the afternoon of Good Friday, the agony and the grief, and finally, the … Continue reading

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Epiphany: A lightbulb moment. A parish church. A cake, a tradition. People going down to a snowy river in Russia to renew their baptismal promises in the freezing waters. The other Christmas. Magi, wise men, kings; gold, frankincense, myrrh; Herod … Continue reading

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Sometimes, the light that breaks the darkness is a lightning bolt …

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