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Sunday at Collegeville

Sunday morning, starting slowly; Abbey bells blocked by insomniac dreams. After three days of rising – psalms at dawn in the abbey church- this morning is for the tomb,  wrapped in winding sheets, the womb of sleep. But the breath … Continue reading

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Christ the King, King George, and Elvis

This Sunday is Christ the King Sunday. Some people are calling it the Reign of Christ Sunday, because of revolutionary or other associations which render the title of king less than desirable in their imaginations. Imagination is key when it … Continue reading

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Seven signs that you may be taking a Sunday off …

1) The alarm is set an hour later than on Monday morning. 2) Sitting down for the sermon. 3) Sitting in someone else’s seat for the sermon. 4) Dancing (discreetly) with one’s daughter during the Communion music 🙂 5) Packing … Continue reading

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Sunday, 4th December: 2nd Advent

Wild honey is easy. At least, easy to imagine eating. The details of foraging for it might entail a little more stinging than one might prefer in food preparation. But locusts; well, in our western culture and civilized suburbs, locusts … Continue reading

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