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I knew that just because I was inadequate to the task, that did not let me off the hook for doing what I could to try to relieve the suffering of another creature. Seeing his pain made me, in some obscure way, responsible for his healing. Continue reading

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Samaritans and street vendors

Here’s what happens: the priest looks back and sees the Levite pass by. Their eyes meet. They are of the same tribe, and their unspoken concurrence in the decision not to stop reinforces itself in that consecrated moment of collusion, … Continue reading

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The business traveller

After the incident; forever after as he travelled from city to stone city, he would look across the crowd, scanning the horizon and its fall, not for danger – he never saw the robbers coming, never would – blissfully ignorant, … Continue reading

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Love your neighbour/Stand your ground

A reflection on three little words: Love your neighbour and three more: Stand your ground. Stand your ground: refuse to yield to the insidious isms of the age. Stand your ground: let love outweigh fear, pity dominate over prejudice, mercy … Continue reading

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