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Book Review: Dessert First – Preparing for Death while Savoring Life, by J. Dana Trent

So why does a book about death and grieving have such an odd title? Death is coming for each of us, so we might as well embrace our mortal life and enjoy it, grief and all, with all of its sweetness, tartness, and saltiness. Continue reading

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Smattering laughter, sundry small-talk dies away. Grasping brass handles, shoulders square. The slightest stumble, scant genuflection; the body pays its respects to the shocking weight of mortality.

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Psalm for the fourth funeral

Good God, sometimes mortality becomes too heavy for us to bear under; it piles up like bones. We flood the valley floor with grief; our footsteps sink for want of solid ground. How long, O Lord, will you wait to … Continue reading

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Religious rituals and summer Sunday attendance

Two days after my mother died, at half past five in the morning, I heard a strange noise outside my bedroom window, the window of the spare bedroom in my parent’s house. It was a rasping, grinding, rolling, grunting, sighing … Continue reading

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Rites of passage

My mother’s funeral did not take place in an American high school auditorum, neither was the local rag reporter in attendance. No one wore football pads or swimming gear; I was not in clericals, being unordained as yet, and having … Continue reading

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A prophet without honour

Two brothers grew up a few years apart. They were close for a time, but grew somewhat apart. They moved in different circles. The elder brother worked hard and achieved some recognition, even notoriety. Every so often the younger brother … Continue reading

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The fragmentation of grief

Death breaks more than the body. This morning, I came home to an email – because that’s how we’re doing it now – to say that my Auntie Joyce had died. It was not unexpected, and in many ways I … Continue reading

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