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A broader mischief

I am sorry to say that today is not convenient for revolution. I have Sadducees coming for dinner and some scribes – I did not tell them of each other – I have employed unemployed tax collectors as wait staff and women of repute  for the cabaret. Mary is livid, … Continue reading

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Mary’s song, our song

The name Mary cried havoc and announced the day of the Lord’s deliverance from the bonds of oppression. Mary’s word to the angel, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord,” was the acceptance of a mantle, the mantle of Miriam, the sister and peer of Moses. Mary’s, “Let it be with me” was saying, in effect, “Bring it on.” Continue reading

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Be patient

When our children were small and there were too many things to do with the two hands that I have, one of the children, wise and observant, noticed that often their requests were met with the same, repeated phrase. I realized this one day when they asked me, “for a drink, now please, and not in a minute.”
Be patient, beloved. Continue reading

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Two centuries after the Declaration of Independence, and two millennia after the birth, death, and resurrection of the Christ, we are still prone to fall back on familiar figures of authority, and to forget the revolutionary promises of the gospel. Continue reading

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Of prophets and (im)patience

A sermon for a snowy third Sunday of Advent in Euclid, Ohio. Isaiah 35:1-10, James 5:7-10, Matthew 11:2-11,  Canticle 15 (the Song of Mary) Isaiah the prophet wrote the better part of three thousand years ago, maybe in the eighth century BCE, “Here is your … Continue reading

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Sermon for Christ the King 2013

The gospel of Luke, which we have been reading since last Advent; the gospel of Luke, from its beginning to its end, is about a revolution, the quiet revolution of the Magnificat, the secret story of a young woman who … Continue reading

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My imagination is scattered, but my heart still hungers for something good; my soul magnifies God the great and merciful, but mine eyes look to the Golan hills; from where is help to come? We are fortunate that God does … Continue reading

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